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Full Tilt is a professional high energy band whose charming enthusiasm, engaging choreography and fresh approach is guaranteed to make you want to dance!

The band provides an energetic, interactive experience for Corporate Events, Social Functions / Galas, Nightclubs or any other special event that requires great entertainment. Their music is an eclectic mix of the best dance music from Motown, Disco and Funk, Classic and Current Rock, 80’s, 90’s, and current Top 40.

They also can perform either Jazz or a more contemporary “unplugged” set when a lighter touch is needed. Full Tilt entertains with a powerful stage presence that electrifies everyone on the dance floor!

With a talented rhythm section of bass, guitar, drums and keyboards they’re able to set the vibe for three vocalists who explode with dynamic energy and funky costumes. The band can adapt the music selections and attire based on the needs of each event. The band can also add a horn section, additional vocals or interactive dancers to any event. Full Tilt puts on a show that is the best of the best!

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